Message from Chairperson

Message From Chairperson

Nepal & water resources

Hydro electricity is an alternative energy which is regularly renewed by rain and snow fall Nepal with it’s high steep terrain has a large potential for hydro power generation. The theoretical hydro power potential of the country in terms of installed capacity is estimated at 83000 MW approximately half of the potential is consider to be technically and economically viable in the present context. However, due  and to our inefficiency of developing hydro power projects substantial portion of the population remains deprived of electricity while the capital city and other areas of the country has been suffering from regular load shedding in the rainy season as well as present. Nepal has relative abundance of fresh water which given rise to it’s comparative advantage in hydro electricity generation and year round irrigation. So we can think that Hydroelectricity can play leading role in the development of agriculture by providing irrigation facilities as well as other sector. Moreover, the link between energy and economic development is indisputable throughout the industrial era investment to expand and improve energy services have been a mainstay of economic and social development in emerging and industrial countries alike. For The productivity and output of Agriculture, Industry, Commerce and Household government have focused to the access of reliable sources of energy- gas, Petroleum products, Electricity. But in recent years focus in their intervention shifted from investing public fund in large scale energy projects to mobilizing private investment and adopting commercial standers through structural regularity and ownership reforms.


Company Introduction

Ghalemdi Hydro Limited was initially formed as a Relinar Energy Pvt. Ltd  associating  with Mr. Pramod Shrestha , Mr. Narayan Babu Adhakari , and  Mr. Nabin Kumar Shahi. Then with the involvement of many other shareholders it had to be transferred into limited company which  happened  on 24 Poush 2070 after it could legitimate the involvement of more then 800  promoters shareholders. In the near future the company is going to rise fund from the initial public offering (IPO). After three years of it promoter shareholders can sell these share In secondary market. Though, the company can raise funds for the instant use.

Why Hydropower and it’s Investment is important?


The development of the hydropower project produces multiple benefits. The nation benefits from the added infrastructure. National government earns revenue through taxes and royalties paid by hydropower projects. Hydropower owners get revenue by selling electricity. Investors earn interest on their money. Many people obtain employment during construction, operation and maintenance of hydropower projects. Consumers benefitted with additional electricity. The availability of electricity plays crucial role in improving standards of living and also contributes to human development by improving health and promoting education. Electricity also enhances labour productivity by increasing access to modern information and communication technologies.